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[/] You get bad grades.
[x] You have had a pet die.
[ ] You cry yourself to sleep at night.
[ ] Your parents are divorced.
[ ] One or both of your parents are dead.
[ ] People think you should be happier.
[ ] You don't have that many friends.
[x] You have never been out of the country. (Does going to Canada count?)
[ ] You have never been out of the state.
[ ] You are allergic to a food.
[ ] You are allergic to fur.
[/] You worry too much.
Total so far: 3

[ ] You always feel sad.
[x] You think you're bad at what you do. (Sometimes)
[x] You are afraid of the dark.
[/] You are afraid of heights.
[ ] You don't have a pet.
[X] You have had a dream where somebody died.
[x] You have never had a boyfriend/girlfriend.
[ ] You have less than 3 friends irl.
[X] You don't get an allowance.
[ ] You don't get food everyday.
[x] You are shy around new people.
[ ] You get bullied.
Total so far: 6.5

[ ] You don't have your own room.
[x] You don't have a cell phone.
[ ] You wish you didn't have a sibling.
[X] You wish you had another sibling. (I wish I had either a male or female twin)
[ ] You are an only child.
[X] Sad music makes you cry.
[x] Sad movies make you cry.
[ ] You have been to the hospital for yourself.
[ ] Somebody in your family smokes.
[ ] Somebody in your family is an alcoholic.
[ ] You have been in a car accident.
[ ] Somebody in your family has been in a car accident.
Total so far: 4

[ ] You have many chores.
[ ] You have had a bad sickness.
[ ] You have been in a bad storm.
[ ] People think your crazy.
[x] You have never been to a concert. (I don't really care about those)
[ ] You don't have cable.
[ ] You don't have a Facebook.
[/] You fear your death. (Well, not really. But sometimes I hear gruesome ways to die and I just... *shudder*)
[x] You don't believe in Easter bunny/Santa/Tooth Fairy
[x] You have been rejected by your crush. (third grade then to forth)
[ ] You sit alone at large groups of people.
[x] You look at the ground when you walk.
Total so far: 3.5

[ ] You have written a sad song.
[ ] You have a small house
[ ] You Never met your dad/mom.
[ ] You don't have a good relationship with one or more of your family members.
[x] You can't sing. (Eh...)
[ ] Your parents are unemployed.
[X] One or both of your grandparents are dead on your dads side.
[X] One or both of your grandparents are dead on your moms side.
[X] You don't get parties on your birthday. (Most birthdays)
[X] People have judged you by how you look.
[ ] You have never been to Disney Land.
[ ] You have never seen a play.
Total so far: 5

Now take that total and multiply it by 2  

New total: 44%

Post title as "My life is _% Sad


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Andrea/ Machi/ Palyborg
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United States

I do commisions, art trades, and requests!

My Comic Page--- :iconmachi-comics:

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A sketch portrait of one person. (like you or a character.) I also need a reference or a very detailed describtion

5 Points

A fully drawn sketch of your whole body.

6 Points

A drawn and colored portrait.

8 Points

A drawn and colored full picture.

10 Points

A comic. (You must tell me what the comic will be about)

15 Points

A colored comic

20 Points


Cry: Charge by Kiwa007 Cry: Mask by Kiwa007 Cry: Virus by Kiwa007 PewdieCry: Boo by Kiwa007 Cry: On the Edge by Kiwa007 Cry: Poke by Kiwa007 Cry dances: Carlton by…


Life in Sky Army

The Newcome

The 2nd Dem. (Dont know how to spell it, too lazy to find out.)

All his... (maybe)

The Water Carrier
January 21 to February 19

Aquarian Traits

Friendly and humanitarian
Honest and loyal
Original and inventive
Independent and intellectual

On the dark side....

Intractable and contrary
Perverse and unpredictable
Unemotional and detached

Aquarius About Your Sign...

Aquarians basically possess strong and attractive personalities. They fall into two principle types: one shy, sensitive, gentle and patient; the other exuberant, lively and exhibitionist, sometimes hiding the considerable depths of their character under a cloak of frivolity. Both types are strong willed and forceful in their different ways and have strong convictions, though as they seek truth above all things, they are usually honest enough to change their opinions, however firmly held, if evidence comes to light which persuades them that they have been mistaken. They have a breadth of vision that brings diverse factors into a whole, and can see both sides of an argument without shilly-shallying as to which side to take. Consequently they are unprejudiced and tolerant of other points of view. This is because they can see the validity of the argument, even if they do not accept it themselves. They obey the Quaker exhortation to "Be open to truth, from whatever source it comes," and are prepared to learn from everyone.

Both types are humane, frank, serious minded, genial, refined, sometimes ethereal, and idealistic, though this last quality is tempered with a sensible practicality. They are quick, active and persevering without being self-assertive, and express themselves with reason, moderation and sometimes, a dry humor.

They are nearly always intelligent, concise, clear and logical. Many are strongly imaginative and psychically intuitive, so that the Age of Aquarius, which is about to begin, is much anticipated by psychic circles as an age in which mankind will experience a great spiritual awakening. The Aquarian philosophical and spiritual bent may be dangerous in that it can drive the subjects into an ivory-tower existence where they meditate on abstractions that bear little relevance to life. On the other hand it can help the many who have scientific leanings to combine these with the Aquarian yearning for the universal recognition of the brotherhood of man, and to embark on scientific research to fulfill their philanthropic ideals of benefiting mankind. When some cause or work of this nature inspires them, they are capable of such devotion to it that they may drive themselves to the point of exhaustion and even risk injuring their health.

Both types need to retire from the world at times and to become temporary loners. They appreciate opportunities for meditation or, if they are religious, of retreats. Even in company they are fiercely independent, refusing to follow the crowd. They dislike interference by others, however helpfully intended, and will accept it only on their own terms. Normally they have good taste in drama, music and art, and are also gifted in the arts, especially drama.

In spite of the often intensely magnetic, forthcoming and open personality of the more extrovert kind of Aquarian, and of their desire to help humanity, neither type makes friends easily. They sometimes appear to condescend to others and take too little trouble to cultivate the acquaintance of people who do not particularly appeal to them.

They do not give themselves easily - perhaps their judgment of human nature is too good for that - and are sometimes accounted cold. But once they decide that someone is worthy of their friendship or love, they can exert an almost hypnotic and irresistible mental attraction on them and will themselves become tenacious friends or lovers, ready to sacrifice everything for their partners and be faithful to them for life. However, they are sometimes disappointed emotionally because their own high personal ideals cause them to demand more of others than is reasonable. And if they are deceived their anger is terrible. If disillusioned, they do not forgive.

Aquarians work best in group projects, provided that they are recognized as having a leading part in them. They have a feeling of unity with nature and a desire for knowledge and truth that makes them admirable scientists, especially astronomers and natural historians. They may excel in photography, radiography, electronics - anything connected with the electrical and radio industries - aviation and everything technical. On the arts and humanities side their progressive tendencies can be expressed in writing, especially poetry, and broadcasting, or as welfare workers and teachers. Some have gifts as entertainers and make good character actors (having an ability to mimic) and musicians. The more psychic among them possess healing gifts, especially in curing the mentally sick.

Among the faults to which they are liable are fanatical eccentricity, wayward egotism, excessive detachment and an inclination to retreat from life and society, and a tendency to be extremely dogmatic in their opinions. Aquarians can be a threat to all they survey or a great boon for humanity in general. Circumstances - for example, continuous opposition to a cause they hold dear - may cause the atrophy of the openness of mind that is one of the Aquarian's most attractive traits. They may express a lack of integrity in broken promises, secretiveness or cunning. Simmering anger and resentment, rudeness or, worse, a tense, threatening silence which may suddenly burst out in eruptions of extreme temper, these are all part of the negative side of the Aquarian. This can also reveal itself in a sustained hatred for enemies that is capable of enlarging itself into a misanthropy toward the whole of mankind.

Possible Health Concerns...
As Aquarius is said to govern the legs from knees to ankles and the circulation of blood, its natives are susceptible to ailments particularly in the legs and ankles, such as cramps, and are also liable to spasmodic and nervous complaints, as well as wind, catarrh, diarrhea, dropsy, goiter and delirium tremens - so that the avoidance of alcohol is important for those Aquarians who have a taste for it.

Fighting for Causes
Dreaming and Planning for the Future
Thinking of the Past
Good Companions
Having Fun
Full of Air Promises
Excessive Loneliness
The Ordinary


As with all sun signs, we all have unique traits to our personalities. When these traits are suppressed, or unrealized, problems will arise. However, with astrology we can examine the problem and assess the proper solution based on the sun sign characteristics. As an Aquarius you may see things below that really strike home. Try the solution, you most likely will be amazed at the results. If you find yourself on the receiving end of the negatives below, it is because you are failing to express the positive.

Problem: Being left all alone while others enjoy the companionship you long for.
Solution: You should practice expressing your humanity by accepting people the way they are and not find too much fault in them.

Problem: You always seem to miss the boat when it comes to love.
Solution: Try letting down the mental guard that you keep on your emotions that stops you from being the self you long to be.

Problem: You always seem to miss out on the better jobs or big promotions at work.
Solution: Learn to use your positive side in teamwork and group effort, the lone wolf approach will get you nowhere.

Problem: You seem to become physically ill more than you should.
Solution: By repressing your emotions you drive the unrest deep inside where it can cost you in terms of health. Express your feelings but do it with tact.


Your ruling planet is URANUS
.Your ruling planet is Saturn!

Mean distance from the Sun(AU) 19.218
Sidereal period of orbit(years) 84.01
Equatorial radius(km) 25559
Polar radius(km) 24973
Body rotation period(hours) 17.24
Tilt of equator to orbit(degrees) 97.92
Number of observed satellites 15


Some more interesting facts about your sign:

The symbol associated with your sign is the water bearer, it is symbolic of the Gods nourishing the earth with life giving energies. One of the first to be called the water bearer was the Greek God Zeus in mythology.

The color of choice for Aquarius is TURQUOISE


The beautiful Turquoise is your starstone.
The name comes from the French "turquoise", which means "Turkey" as in the original localities in Persia (today Iran). Since before 4000 BC Turquoise has been used and coveted. It can be pure in color or may contain secondary minerals. If the matrix forms a pattern of interlocking polygons it is called "spider-web" turquoise.


There is, and always have been, a controversy over "starstones". Starstones are NOT birthstones. I give you here in these pages the stones that are called your starstones, (planet stones), which vibrates the strongest to your planet or sign, NOT to the month that you were born. I would also like it if those who think they know precisely what their stone is to go to the library and reference some good Astrology books such as 'Parkers Astrology'. Sorry for the confusion, but confusion over this topic has raged for hundreds of years


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